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    The Hubz & I

  • Our Little Prince, Matthew

    “The Light of My Life” ~ Never did I know how wide my heart could stretch and how much love I have to give, until you came into my world.

  • Our Little Flower, Emma

    “You Complete Me” ~ You restored me, you made me whole again, and my little boo-boo, I’m so glad you’re here.

  • Maya & Inca

    We cannot love every animal in the world, but we can always embrace the privilege to love those that come our way.

Dad & Kitty, & the Road to Emmaus

“So what now?” was the question my father sheepishly asked Jesus as they walked along side by side. Jesus smiled at him – of course – and they walked along, together, forever, into the unending Road to Emmaus. I saw that and had no other choice but to say goodbye – logically in my head, […] Read more…

A Lesson in CARS and Life

Dear Matthew, The story began in Bali for us, Seminyak’s Serene Villas to be precise. That was three years ago now when you were only two years old and Emma, just six months old. That was Emma’s first trip overseas, our first time at a private villa, and the start of what would be years […] Read more…

When The Girls Talk

When the girls talk of dreams and regrets, love and heartbreak, I almost feel like I’m hearing myself and these conversations are merely ghosts — whispers of my longing and loss that have refused to go into the night and be at final rest. When the girls talk about childhoods that shape them, I think about how […] Read more…

I Sang This to Matthew & He Cried

  It goes: “5 little ducks went out one day / Over the hills and far away / Momma duck said, “Quack, quack, quack, quack!” / But only 4 of those ducks came back.” It goes on this way, decreasing in the number of ducks, and Matthew’s cheeky grin was replaced by a look of pure […] Read more…

“Kiss Her Again”

There we are in the dark and cold bedroom; it’s time for us to retreat to our private thoughts and personal space that will be very frequently invaded by random requests, burning questions that absolutely require answers right there and then, the occasional need to pee again, and for sure, final whining and baby talk […] Read more…

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