Anticipating Emma T-Minus 30 Days but it’s still All About Matthew

The Stash

Recently, I read an article about how we should not hoard items in our lives, cos it’s basically a mentality built on “overabundance” and “excess”, especially since we live in a time where we can easily get our hands on what we need. Rather, we should just purchase what we absolutely need instead of stocking up. This practice allows us to remain more open spiritually too, because more often than not, Providence (in our case, God’s providence) would see things through and we will come to depend more on Him.

I’m not doing justice to the article. Read here:

It’s something I believe in whole-heartedly. It’s times when we start feeling the anxiety of lacking in something that we experience the miracle of God’s timely gifts. But if we start controlling everything in our lives and buy more “Just In Case”, there isn’t much room for God to play “peekaboo!” and say, “Eureka! Look what I’ve prepared for You!”, is there?

Having said all that… yes, I got carried away.

Finally, I managed to get myself out of the house, with a list full of items to stock up on, since I expect I won’t be heading out much after Emma arrives.

My StashTop priority on the list was my toiletries – the roll-on deodorant that I’ve run out of, and facial cleansers. That’s all. Well, what I ended up paying for as well included a Body Butter Exfoliating Scrub, aptly classified as a “Pampering” item… plus one moisturising lip balm. Darn. And I had told myself to stay very, very focused.

Ended up with a pink blankie for receiving Emma too, even though we had agreed not to buy any since it would really only be used that one time – when we bring the baby home. We were gonna use the same one Matt used but when I saw this pink one, I couldn’t resist. 🙁

The mooncake? I didn’t have enough of that… and it just so happened that I saw this one at BreadTalk.

So no. I wasn’t focused at all.

And then things really got out of hand when I stepped into Popular, to pick up just a few items: staple refills, a sketch pad for Matt cos he’s almost through his first pad, stickers that I plan to surprise him with each time he visits me at the hospital, and a toy aeroplane just as a sort of a gift for the Big Bro (as the literature says we should do so the elder child doesn’t feel neglected).

What I ended up with:
Matt's Stash

(Clockwise from top left)
1) A bus set that he will absolutely love – which we will give him when I’m home from the hospital, especially since there will probably be gifts for Emma and none for him 🙁
2) The drawing block – which I will leave for Augz to have fun with him while I’m away.
3) Brand new crayons that he probably will fall in love with.
4) Flash cards that are long overdue – we shall start with them tomorrow!
5) Sticker album – obiang-looking, I know, but we shall have some fun filling it up with…
6) More obiang stickers on all vehicles – I split them up to be given over five days. 😛
7) “On the Move” book – he has one already, so this will delight him to no end.
8) Two “Guess How Much I Love You” – the small one’s actually from me to Augz (brought tears to my eyes when I browsed through it) and the bigger one’s for Augz to give Matt at Christmas.
9) Small Toys ‘R Us aeroplane – a parishioner’s kid was playing with that in the cry room and Matt absolutely wanted it.
10) A book on Ollie (missing from this pic) – a follow-up from the one Karen passed to Matt (it had belonged to Timothy, and I said I will pass it back to him on his wedding day). The book is for Augz to read to Matt on the first night they are home without me.

I don’t know if this falls under “Just In Case” theory, or it’s really just good sense since otherwise, I shall have to trouble someone else to buy some things for me… but I suspect it’s basically: I Got Carried Away.

Actually, we hardly ever buy anything for Matthew. So when I do, I tend to overdo it. But this takes the cake, especially since I’m stocking up on these gifts though all I want is to hand them all to him right now and indulge in that sweet, happy big grin that will be plastered on his face, and that excited laugh when he knows there’s something for him.

So much for Anticipating Emma. Today feels more like, All About Matthew day!

I had fun. Which will end when I get my credit card bill, I know.

But for now, it’s soooo worth it!


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