On Your Next Trip Down That Beloved Lane

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Get the right passes and Pack: Readiness to reminisce, tissues, and a cushion to soften a heavier heart.

ou know that place that we fondly refer to as “Memory Lane”? The one that draws visitors like the curious seeker, the haughty forsaken, the tragic heroes, the nostalgic fools and the sentimental-hearted?

There are day passes that offer special discounts for those who wish to just quickly pop in and out. These “As and When” passes present you the opportunity to dip your attention into mini episodes of particular memories where you sometimes spot the very thing that you’ve been thinking about.Full pictures aren’t necessary — all the day passes offer are short bursts of attention to detail, and that’s more than enough if you know what you’re looking for. Take it up when you have few moments to spare and wish to revisit a particular memory but don’t have time to go down the entire lane.

For those who love travelling by night, we recommend the “Nightmare on Memory Lane” pass. As the name suggests, these trips usually start off curiously and tremulously enough and even with a hint of a challenge. Visitors begin their journey wherever they like down on Memory Lane and well, just move along where they are directed by thought or will. More often than not, they enjoy entire collections of their favourite memories that bring a good measure of gladness to their being. However, as the name of this pass suggests, it is not uncommon for visitors to exit Memory Lane with heavier spirits that range from that extra twinge of remorse to massive doses of nostalgia. (Tip: Accept that strange disturbance, give thanks for what you enjoyed on your tour, strive to work towards what you most missed.)

Finally, there are corners and spaces available for rent if you like to remain on a more long-term basis. Opt for the “Season Pass” to enjoy the perks of both “As and When” and “Nightmare on Memory Lane” offers. Roam Memory Lane for as long as you like, by day and by night. Pop in and out of selected memories or remain in the one of your choosing. Relive memories or revisit places long forgotten and get reacquainted with the people you’ve left behind. (We’ll like to caution you though that more often than not, it’s just not worth remaining at Memory Lane for too long. Best to schedule an actual departure date before you dive in. Why? Because the season for the past has passed, that’s why.)

Myself, I’ve been down Memory Lane many times. There were years I would frequent some very particular spaces repeatedly, so much so that I carry fragments of that world back to the real one. Sometimes, the lines between the two blurred for me that I struggled to adjust to each reality — in my opinion, it is an unhealthy and unnecessary venture to dwell on Memory Lane.

I’ve done both the day and night visits too. I’ve laughed at the same jokes told around the same table by the same people. I’ve found myself crying at the same quarrels and heartbreaks too. And to my amazement, I’ve also realised I can be nothing but a curious bystander who casually observes, candidly sees truth where I couldn’t before, or shrewdly discovers solutions I wish had been as obvious back in the day it happened.

What’s strangest for me is this: It doesn’t matter how many times I go down Memory Lane. The same familiar gladness that finds its way into my heartwould almost always be replaced by pain of some sort by the time I leave.

Maybe that old poem is true then. You know, the one that talks about merry wanderers and old travellers, frail souls who converge in that place where the best and worst of everyday unfolds.

Here it is, just for you:

Down Memory Lane, Down Memory Lane!
The refuge for forsaken lovers and merry wanderers,
A tavern for storytellers and travellers
To get drunk on tales of old and new,
Woven together by dreams and the threads of destiny.

Down Memory Lane, Down Memory Lane!
Once you’ve made your way there, you’ll be always returning.
You’ll say enough and bid adieu! But then you find yourself remaining.
In the corner of your heart, and the space between your withins,
Without a care for what will be, only what has been.

Down Memory Lane, Down Memory Lane!
It’s here and there, by day and by night.
It waits in silence and welcomes all.
Just remember, the heart that soars must sometimes fall.
And what goes up must always, well, you know it all.

It is my conviction now that an occasional visit can do the soul some good, but what’s required is also the fortitude, a navigation tool of some sort that I can rely on to make my way out.

And so, on my next trip down that familiar lane we all know on-too-well (and maybe yours, too), I will not just be packing the readiness to reminisce, tissues to dab at my eyes with, a cushion to soften a heavy heart… but also the desire to return home where I (and you too) belong, today, right here, right now.


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