3 days to The Big Move


At one point, it did seem like we were never going to move. But here we are, three days to The Big Move.

Three-and-a-half years of marriage and five moves later, this is by far the toughest move yet. We will literally be moving into an almost blank unit, since a lot of our furniture will only be arriving end June to July. I’ve always taken pride in how we have coordinated each move to minimise inconvenience and maximise efficiency – that is, to have almost everything arrive on the same day or week and then just taking one to two days to unpack, leaving the rest of the time after to enjoy doing up the place. A home is always work in progress, right?

This time round, it’s entirely different.

Well, we could have waited till the home was more set up before making the move but I think both of us are eager to reclaim our own space. Truth is, I feel like our lives have been on hold since not living on our own. My in-laws are more than welcoming and supportive in all ways possible, but it’s just… different, not living by ourselves.

In the past, we used to chill after Matthew goes to sleep. Then, it would be with a cigarette or some wine… favourite TV shows to watch, practising hymns (with Augz on the guitar and me happily singing along…), or just doing the usual things like pottering around the house, finishing up some chores, making plans…

It’s impossible to do any of that when our son is sleeping in the same room. No TV and guitar for sure. Chatting is difficult too cos we’ll be whispering (most times, it’s me telling Augz to speak softly!).

I hope this doesn’t count as complaining… it’s just… I can’t say enough how we are really looking forward to having our own space to do all that again.

And having said all this, this entire home-decor exercise reaffirms me once more of how God has led me to the right man for me. I’ve come to realise that I need my home to have a certain look and feel that work for me. Augz is right there beside me with this. And thank God we share the same ideals and almost the same priorities! I think back on the other men I might have ended up with, and it seems like I wouldn’t have as much fun with this project if my partner wasn’t Augz!

So it’s now three days to The Big Move. Above is a sneak preview of the living and dining areas. (This photo was taken a couple of days ago. Today, more things have arrived but we haven’t visited our home.) We knocked down one wall so there’s more space to have friends over and all, which is something we enjoy. That one room isn’t much of a room anyway.

Some have said we are impractical – well, I guess so! But this is a home we’ve waited for, for so long. Who knows if we’ll have another one besides this? It has to be the way we dream it would be. Perhaps we will make a loss should we sell in future… but for now, let’s leave tomorrow’s problems to tomorrow!


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