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“If today is the end of it all, it would be enough and complete for me,” said Augz one day after the Saturday (several weeks ago) when we brought Matthew to the SingKids indoor playground at Changi Airport.

Needless to say, the boy had lots of fun, especially on the slide and in the balloon area. Huge balloons, those were, and he thoroughly enjoyed chasing after them big, colourful balls.

Watching him running around with that innocent, contented smile brings strange, unfamiliar emotions to my heart.

Apparently to Augz’ too, for a few days after, he talked about just how moved he was that day. So much so that he said, if that was the end of it all, if life was to end then, it would have been complete anyway.

Then we almost cried. A lot of that’s happening lately. Talking about stuff and getting all weepy. I don’t know what’s happening.

But I’m glad Augz felt that edification. What a difference a day makes.



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