The Hubz’ Big 33.

Aug's 33rd B'day
This is one birthday celebration FAIL, I am ashamed to admit.

For the first time ever, I felt defeated in planning a birthday surprise… of sorts! Largely because I didn’t take into proper account how little time I have on my hands with a toddler on those hands and no time at all in the day to go out and buy presents, or make something out of nothing.

Firstly, now that I’m not working, I felt a little lost as to whether I should be spending the sole breadwinner’s money on a gift for the said breadwinner. Of course I should, right… but it ain’t easy buying presents for this husband, so chances are I would be spending his money on something frivolous that he may not possibly like… so I hesitated.

Secondly, I did not take into account the long weekend before his birthday which meant that I didn’t plan things properly… until it was too late.

Thirdly, the long list of little gifts I had planned to create didn’t all come to fruition because as I mentioned, I forgot that I now have to manage a little Matthew as well.

Then again, there is always at least one silver lining to be found.

One of the things I wanted to do for the husband was to sort out his music scores, especially since he started playing the guitar again. And Miss Edris from church just happened to do just that when she was over at the house the weekend before his birthday. That saved me soooo much time. Talk about little blessings!

Anyway, in the end, the husband, Matthew and I had a quiet, cosy night, and it turned out to be pretty nice, in fact. Just the three of us celebrating the husband’s 33rd birthday. The little boy made a card… well, I was aiming for a Scrap from the both of us but that turned out to be another ambitious ideal.

I wonder how next year’s celebration would turn out. It would be four of us instead of three. Till then, I wish my dear husband the prayer I pray for him – that he would find happiness, meaning and fulfilment in his life, especially with the experiences of our little family… and may God bless him with many, many years of such life!


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