Anticipating Emma T-Minus 1 Day


As it turns out, Emma isn’t going to be a Halloween baby!

So today proved to be our last gynae visit and as usual, the good doctor says, “Oh, she’s really low. May not make it to 31st, you know?” Well, he’s been saying that for the last month and that’s been making me extra nervy, and more conscientious in prayer to “please Lord, it would be nice if You keep her in for a while longer, till she’s more fully developed”.

Thank God we made it through the last month. Although to be honest, the last few weeks especially have been quite difficult to get through. Especially the nights. The nights are impossible. There’s just pain everywhere and I get up almost every hour to pee. What I’m peeing, I’m not sure at all. The pain only subsides in the morning and that’s when I get the most comfortable sleep.

Anyway, as I said to Augz last night, “The only thing that’s really keeping me from a meltdown on some days, is knowing what Samantha went through.” (Samantha’s a church friend who truly, bravely went through a difficult pregnancy and emerged with her miracle baby, Sarah. That survival story is hers to tell, but it’s one that’s moved many of us to tears especially when there was nothing we could do but offer prayers.)

So now, here we are.

Emma is 3kg now (Matthew was 2.945kg at birth – and by the way, two friends struck lottery with that number…!).

The surgery is scheduled for 7am tomorrow (same time that Matthew was delivered actually).

The good doctor said to us this morning, “We can do it today if you want, you know. Because she’s really low. I can schedule you for 4.30pm.” It was so tempting, to know I may not have to go through another night of extreme discomfort but we thought it might be a little too hasty.

So we took a coffeebreak to discern for a bit. We had a choice of today, Saturday or Sunday. He does not recommend we wait longer than that. In the end, we opted for Sunday 27th, just so Emma will share the same birth date as Matthew, but later, we found out Mount Alvernia would be having some power shutdown on the 27th (with power reserved only for emergencies, of course!) so that leaves us with tomorrow! See how God makes the decisions so easily for us?

Tomorrow it is then!

This time tomorrow will be so different.

Till then,


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