Anticipating Emma T-Minus 28 Days (We Hope…)

My favourite combination of fiery sky, sand and sea.

My favourite combination of fiery sky, sand and sea.

Gynae visit today ended with the same caution – that I might not make it to 31st. Emma might really just arrive earlier. For a while, I’ve been feeling her really low and the last visit confirmed that she is indeed, already pretty low. Today’s visit threw up nothing new. Which also means I won’t be able to get a nice pic of her anymore since she’s too low for the scan.

Well, little girl, I hope you hang in there for a while longer because although mummy’s ready for you, it would be good if you can just hang in there for maybe two more weeks? But then, your father might have to go on a one-day work trip to China… so it would be great if you can wait for him to come home before you arrive.

After gynae visit, with renewed determination to get the rest of everything sorted out, and one full day of errands later, we finally had a nice dinner out at East Coast Park.

It’s been a long, long while since I’ve been at the beach, and recently, it seems like there’s nothing I want more than to be in the sea and to tread on sand (I actually pretend there are lapping waves in the distance when I’m at the sandpit with Matthew). Specifically, at Redang. But I can settle for just a dip in the pool.

I’m a creature of the water. And it’s been too long.

I’ve been missing it of late and so, it felt really nice to be able to be at the beach for a while this evening… even though East Coast Park isn’t much of a beach! The smell of the water and the slight sea breeze did make me sigh in contentment though.

And the dinner! This was our special dinner out for our 4th anniversary and we finally settled on seafood by the beach, at 5.30pm so we could head home early enough to put Matthew to sleep. (For those who are wondering why I can leave the house with more peace of mind lately, the answer lies in nanny cams, really. Those that allow us to monitor everything that goes on at home, remotely. Yes, they help a lot.)


All in all, dinner was yummy-to-the-licious and back.

I thought I ate way too much and was certain I would pay for it by suffering bloatedness the whole night. But two hours later, I was famished again.

No wonder Emma grew from 2.2kg to 2.6kg over the last two weeks alone. This girl sure eats well.

So here I am, starving and still contemplating if I should give in to the desire to eat or the need to sleep, especially since we will have an early start and a long day ahead tomorrow at the Landings Community Retreat.

I think I will settle for the latter.

Goodnight, world. This momma’s going to sleep on a very full womb and a somewhat empty stomach.


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