Enough is Enough.



Over the weekend, our happy little boy became such a spoilt, bratty monster. He wanted what he wanted, and if he didn’t get it, or if we so much as said “no”, he would start crying and screaming like he had just been chastised in the worst way possible. In fact, we didn’t even need to do anything for him to act up. One moment he would be focused in some activity, and the next minute, that very same thing that had all of his attention would be all offending, and he would get all riled up, upset and angry, and start throwing his tantrums all over again. (Which includes climbing all over me, writhing in my embrace but still wanting to be hugged, struggling, kicking, and hugging me – all at the same time.)

The entire experience was extremely trying, entirely exhausting, and honestly, unbearable.

We weren’t sure if he was starting on his “Terrible Twos”, or if he was still recovering from his vaccination-fever. The fever had come and gone in three nights, and he had resumed playing very actively, so it was a bit hard to tell if he was still in discomfort of any sort.

So… what do we do? Do we start disciplining him, or let him act up especially since it could be because he felt uncomfortable?

Augz and I weren’t sure, and we alternated between the two. Mostly, we gave in to him, and of course we still loved him, smiled encouragingly, affirmed him and laughed with him whenever he was “himself” but we really found ourselves at a loss other times cos this was so out of character for him.

On Saturday, we were having fruit at NEX foodcourt – Matthew luurrves his fruit – and we heaped on a pile of mango, watermelon, papaya and honeydew (all his favourites). One minute, he was happily juicing it up (his face) and down (his shirt). Next minute, he started crying cos he wanted to grab the entire plate and I moved it out of his reach.

Not just crying, but shrieking, and everyone else was just staring at us. By this time, I was simply exhausted.

And then.


Cheek to Cheek

In the midst of one fierce tantrum, he suddenly quietened down by himself, waddled over to me, and gave me one of what we call “a biiiigg HUG!”

I whipped out my phone to capture these moments.

And that was that.

It was enough to melt my heart.

Lesson of the day: My expectations of what’s enough to turn my world upside-down and rightside-up, has been thoroughly revolutionised.

I’ve always thought the simplest things are enough for me, but today, I have a whole new definition to the word ‘simple’. One hug, one kiss, one gesture of love, means the whole world to me now.

And really, that’s more than enough, too.


PS: Turns out Matthew was still recovering because on Sunday, he was all angel again. For now at least, for now. :)

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