When Memory Fades… & Anticipating Emma T-Minus 22 Days


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Many Matthew and Mummy moments go by in their usual fleeting manner. These here, are those that I’ve managed to immortalise. *beams*

I say to Augz that he will get to remember many father-and-son moments because I try to capture as much as I can… whereas I hardly have a decent shot with Matt, except for selfies like these.

It’s a lie that the best moments are those that remain in memory, irreplaceable even by photographs, because even the best memories fade faster than photographs do… and each wonderful moment goes by way too quickly, replaced by yet more wonderful ones that the mind simply isn’t able to keep each and every one neatly filed away. Well, at least my pea-brain of a mind doesn’t!

So I do love it when photos taken like that turn out this good. Okay, so my standards aren’t that high.

But if I’m not this obsessively trying to slow time down, will it slip by even faster than it already does? Will I still be trying to cherish each memory only to realise that 30 years have gone by in the blink of an eye?

Because our dear boy is growing up so, so fast. Sometimes I find it hard to believe that he’s not even two yet. Somehow, I had imagined that at this age, they’re still pretty much lumpy and babyish. Well, Matthew kind of is, still. But they just seem to know so much and mature so fast for their age! For example, he knows how to tease. And mimic and be cheeky and naughty, stubborn and obedient all at the same time. And he hasn’t even gone to school. How do they learn these things? And from where?

We look at our son and we marvel at how children grow. And these are the moments where we find our special God moments. I know neither of us created this… person. Yes, he has our looks and traits from our personalities. But all his unique-ness isn’t manufactured by us… is it? Yes, I physically carried him and he is flesh of my flesh and blood of my blood. Everything else, including his soul and spirit, comes not from within me. It’s just so obvious when we watch Matthew play and behave. He is his own person, small as he may be, tender of age as he is.

Life is really amazing. And magical. And altogether, marvellous.

At least I’ll have some photos to remind me when the memory fails.


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