Our pad, a work-in-progress

sleeping matt

It’s 10.30pm, my baby has been asleep since 9pm, and I’ve just finished with the household chores – simples ones, like washing up and packing after Matt – and have finally sat down to unwind for a bit before I turn in. A packet of chilli-flavoured potato chips is what I’m currently devouring – a treat I won’t deny myself or give up in favour of the healthier option of fruit, or less savoury option of cake.

After this, I might look through some recipe books since our gas is finally up and we don’t have to survive on induction only.

How my life has changed!

My entire day revolves around Matthew now, and the only free time I have is when he’s down for his 2-hour nap, or when he’s asleep. That is also my time to get more housework done. Now, before anyone starts thinking I’m one of those anally-clean types, let me just say, I’m not. But I never realised before how much housework there needs to be done! Or maybe it’s just that we haven’t settled down completely and since there is a lot of renovation going on around us, things just get dustier from moment to moment, so there just seems to be more cleaning to do?

Through this last week, I’ve come to really, truly appreciate not having a helper around.

It’s more exhausting definitely, but I really like it this way. Still, I have to accept that we’ll have to get one eventually in the near future, since there’s no way I can handle another baby on top of Matthew and the basic household chores.

But more on that in another post.

Here, I’ll like to just upload some pictures of our current home. It’s definitely still work-in-progress and I hope to chart its course of progress till we finally declare it complete (which might never be, since we’ve always continued working on decorating each home we’ve been at, which have been the rented ones and our parents’ homes!)

The only thing in place is an altar in every room, and still, we haven’t decided what goes where!

Anyway, welcome to our humble abode:

arrival1  arrival2
Here’s what you see when you arrive. The grille is meant to be returned to our contractor 😛 but the rest belongs to us. That’s our customised shoe rack (minus the red IKEA box to be discarded). Why we made this? For our wedding, we got hold of quite a number of crates which we have been using for our shoes, so we decided, why not just get a rack that can fit our crates?

Missing: Proper rug.

Here’s the living room, where the most complete part of our house is – the shelves. American Horror Story Asylum is on TV and Maya’s watching it while resting on Matthew’s current makeshift toy box.

Missing: TV console, sofa, coffeetable.

hallway  doors

And here’s the ‘hallway’ leading to our bedrooms (the one with the turquoise door is Augz and mine, while the white with turquoise outline is Matt’s) … really, not much of it since we tore down one wall and it became much shorter.

By the way, I’m really proud of our doors. This combination is inspired by some of the prettiest doors we came across in our research. I wanted a darker, deeper green but this turned out beautifully.

The door on the left opens up to the bomb shelter and since it’s magnetic, we made the best use of it!

Missing: Whiteboard paint on the bomb shelter door so we can write on it too.

matt's    bedroom  walk-in
From left: Matt’s barely furnished room, our bedroom and walk-in wardrobe.

Matt’s room (that was supposed to be an entire walk-in wardrobe for me :P) will now be shared between two children. For now, we still can’t bear to let him sleep on his own, which is why his cot isn’t there.

We built a platform for our mattress since we both enjoyed having the mattress on the floor (tried that when we moved back to my place after we got married, and when Dad’s condition was deteriorating – the benefit of having stayed and decorated many places was that we got to try out different styles for everything!). The platform is really storage too – the entire space underneath is divided into different spaces and drawers (complete with blackboard paint). There is a little space outside the master bathroom which we turned into a walk-in using the Broder shelves we got from IKEA (also from the time we moved back to my place). I had doubts that that space was sufficient but with some planning and organisation, it actually worked, though we can’t utilise the maximum length of all our poles and shelves…!

Missing: Augz’ workstation.


Lastly, this is the view from our bedroom, of what would be the dining area. Our dining table hasn’t arrived yet so we’re using our old ones… the sidetables and shelves haven’t arrived either so for now, everything looks bare… but let’s wait and see!

So this is what our pad looks like as of 13 June 2013.

Empty, but a home to us, nonetheless. 🙂

The first home for our children. I hope many good memories will be formed in this home.

I remain grateful.


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2 Comments on Our pad, a work-in-progress

  1. Chin
    June 14, 2013 at 3:53 am (8 years ago)

    Definitely see touches of you & Aug in this place and more importantly, this is finally home. Can’t wait for your housewarming.

    • matthewsmomma
      October 7, 2013 at 3:41 pm (8 years ago)

      A comment left in June! I just saw this. My bad. We have hung out at our new home since. Glad you like it!


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