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    The Hubz & I

  • Our Little Prince, Matthew

    “The Light of My Life” ~ Never did I know how wide my heart could stretch and how much love I have to give, until you came into my world.

  • Our Little Flower, Emma

    “You Complete Me” ~ You restored me, you made me whole again, and my little boo-boo, I’m so glad you’re here.

  • Maya & Inca

    We cannot love every animal in the world, but we can always embrace the privilege to love those that come our way.

10 Ways to Recover from a Very Broken Heart

Includes: Escape, Time-Travel, Embracing the lies, and some Partying. Lucky are the ones who never had their hearts broken before; but happy and complete are those who have.Looking back on my life at 37, I recall every single chapter of it that’s ended with a broken heart — over failed relationships, painful arguments, death of loved ones, […] Read more…

One of Those Lost-and-Found Moments

“Let’s ask Jesus to help us find Timothy. We ask Jesus to help us look at the right places, and to open our eyes to see clearly where Timothy is,” I prayed with Matthew this morning at Church of Christ the King. With some hesitation, I continued, “If it is Your will, let us find […] Read more…

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