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When The Girls Talk

When the girls talk of dreams and regrets, love and heartbreak, I almost feel like I’m hearing myself and these conversations are merely ghosts — whispers of my longing and loss that have refused to go into the night and be at final rest. When the girls talk about childhoods that shape

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“Kiss Her Again”

There we are in the dark and cold bedroom; it’s time for us to retreat to our private thoughts and personal space that will be very frequently invaded by random requests, burning questions that absolutely require answers right there and then, the occasional need to pee again, and for sure,

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One of Those Lost-and-Found Moments

“Let’s ask Jesus to help us find Timothy. We ask Jesus to help us look at the right places, and to open our eyes to see clearly where Timothy is,” I prayed with Matthew this morning at Church of Christ the King. With some hesitation, I continued, “If it is

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